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Ressort: Tourismus, Kitzbühel Tourismus - EN
Datum: 04.2.2016
Ort: Kitzbühel

Kitzbühel innovative and unique at the start of winter 2015

How does the “World’s Best Ski Resort” still manage to appear attractive despite the challenging prospect of poor conditions at the start of the season? Kitzbühel scores once again with perfect slopes down to the valley, amazing ski promotions and a diverse range of hotels and restaurants to choose from. The result: In contrast to national development trends, Kitzbühel Tourism is pleased with both an increase in arrivals (5.8%) and overnight stays (up 4.3%) compared to last year.

While unpredictable weather and spring-like temperatures across the Alps have not made things easy for the tourism industry, Kitzbühel has been able to demonstrate its exceptional position as the most legendary city of sports in the Alps once again: In the months of November and December 2015, 5.2% more visitors came to Kitzbühel – (41,810 arrivals in total), and there were 4.3% more overnight stays recorded (139,815 in total). This puts Kitzbühel among the top 10 towns in Tirol with the most overnight stays.

“For this result, we really have to thank the cable car company, Kitzbüheler Bergbahn, and the amazing work they do ensuring optimum slope conditions and snow-covered runs down to the valley. We are thrilled that such positive results could be achieved here at the very beginning of the season thanks to the extraordinary efforts and the outstanding interaction between all service providers,” said Signe Reisch, President of Kitzbühel Tourism.

Even at the beginning of the new year, the town was already presenting a perfect setting: With unique winter images, dreamlike scenery and record ratings on TV, Kitzbühel conveyed a sense of winter sports euphoria around the Hahnenkamm weekend and offered visitors the perfect skiing experience - also the best motivation for a successful second half of the winter season. “This successful start to winter, as early as November, is an important step in the “Kitzbühel 365” strategy to make the town a leading year-round destination in the heart of the Alps: Top international events, more and more conventions throughout the year, legendary hospitality, good accessibility, beautiful topography, perfect infrastructure and attractive leisure activities all year round – these are the advantages with which we wish to score highly in the future, in order to raise the tourism value to a new level,” added Gerhard Walter, Director of Kitzbühel Tourism.

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Kitzbühel Tourismus
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View of the Kitzbühel Horn, one of the major mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps in Tyrol. With a height of 1996 m above sea level.

Photo: Kitzbühel Tourismus/Thilo Brunner (print free of charge)

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At the beginning of the new year the town was already presenting a perfect setting around the Hahnenkamm weekend.

Photo: Kitzbühel Tourismus/Thilo Brunner (print free of charge)

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