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Ressort: Freizeit, Reise, Tourismus, Kitzbühel Tourismus - EN
Datum: 17.11.2016
Ort: Kitzbühel

Strong year of tourism for Kitzbühel – best summer results of all time

Kitzbühel can look back on the tourism figures for last year with real joy: an increase in overnight stays of nearly 4% was recorded as early as winter 2015/16. Kitzbühel Tourismus also recorded growth of 4.1% during the summer of 2016, for which results are now available. With 541,845 overnight stays, summer 2016 represents the best results ever.

Increase in arrivals and overnight stays

During the last winter season (2015/16) Kitzbühel recorded a significant increase in arrivals (up by 4.65% or 7,409 arrivals) and also in overnight stays (up by 3.98% or 24,939 overnight stays). A total of 651,786 overnight stays were recorded in the region during the last winter. The region was also able to record a significant increase in arrivals (up by 4.07% or 6,243 arrivals) and in overnight stays (up by 4.12% or 21,465 overnight stays) in summer too. The region was able to report its best summer of all time with 541,845 overnight stays. As well as the town of Kitzbühel, which accounts for around 70% of overnight stays in summer, other locations in the region (Reith, Aurach and Jochberg) also recorded an increase. "We are delighted that the last year of tourism has seen an increase in overnight stays for the entire region, both in summer and winter,” says President Signe Reisch. “The summer figures are particularly pleasing in comparison with other decades: while some 400,000 overnight stays were counted in the summer of 2006, there are now around 140,000 more – a clear indication that over the past few years Kitzbühel has developed into a true dream destination for lots of guests, not just in winter but particularly in summer too.”

New visual language, Kitzbühel blogs and more

The significant growth in overnight stays represents both recognition and an incentive for the hard-working team at Kitzbühel Tourismus: “The main focus across all areas during the last year of tourism was implementing the Kitzbühel 365-day strategy,” explains CEO Brigitte Schlögl.

New visual language: A distinct visual language is probably one of the most important prerequisites in terms of Kitzbühel being able to present itself in a memorable and emphatic manner as a tourism destination and, most crucially, in a way which makes a strong emotional impact. In 2016, the Tourism Association started working with the Kitzbühel photographer Michael Werlberger, who, in addition to his ability and experience, also boasts a love for "his" region. The new visual language features certain key elements: a return to natural colours, authentic images and new perspectives (the width of the valley – always in relation to the mountains – with the viewpoint facing the valley) are just as important as highlighting the landscape or integrating sporting activities into landscape photographs. In future, there should and will be Kitzbühel images from, say, all times of year, and the idea is also to reflect some tradition in the images.

Social media – focus on blogs and bloggers: Social media is the quickest and easiest way to communicate with Kitzbühel’s guests and friends. Supported by a specialist agency, Kitzbühel is now making this a priority: followers on the Facebook page alone increased from 96,000 in October 2014 to 133,500 this year. The number of followers is also continuously increasing on Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. While Instagram (currently 15,000 followers) and Pinterest focus on users’ visual messages, more complex content can be conveyed via blogs. Here Kitzbühel wants both to attract attention with strong individual stories and to use bloggers as important opinion formers or influencers who can inspire people to visit Kitzbühel.

Kitzbühel 365-day strategy

All of the marketing activities of Kitzbühel Tourismus – from traditional market development via large events to the realm of social media – are focused on the “Kitzbühel 365” strategy. This level of focus, for one thing, and the extraordinary efforts made by Kitzbühel businesses on a day-to-day basis are what make possible the kinds of results enjoyed by the tourism industry last year. “We’re doing well. Kitzbühel is trendy and has achieved a very strong position in the market,” beams Signe Reisch, summing up Kitzbühel’s success. “Kitzbühel offers more of a diverse range than most other regions – including nature, relaxation, sport, action, culture, authentic traditions, events, a place to meet and social life. Our strategy of allowing nature to showcase us – rather than the other way round – has been more than vindicated by the great results this year.”

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photodownload 300 dpi

The Kitzbühel Tourismus team presented the annual report for the previous year of tourism at the annual general meeting (from left): Manfred Hofer, Signe Reisch, Dr Brigitte Schlögl, Dr Josef Burger, Katrin Schlechter and Joe Dagn.

Photo: Kitzbühel Tourismus, rolart images (reprint free of charge)

photodownload 300 dpi

President of Tourism Signe Reisch and new CEO of Kitzbühel Tourismus Dr Brigitte Schlögl (from left).

Photo: Kitzbühel Tourismus, rolart images (reprint free of charge)

photodownload 300 dpi

Photographer Michael Werlberger is responsible for the new visual language of Kitzbühel Tourismus: memorable and emphatic images from Kitzbühel with a strong emotional impact.

Photo: Michael Werlberger (reprint free of charge)

photodownload 300 dpi

When implementing this new visual language, the idea, among other things, was to focus on the landscape and allow natural colours to dominate.

Photo: Michael Werlberger (reprint free of charge)

photodownload 300 dpi

In 2016, Kitzbühel appointed a photographer in Michael Werlberger, whose love for the region is also reflected in the photographs taken.

Photo: Michael Werlberger | Kitzbühel Tourismus (reprint free of charge)

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